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 “At Patti Allen Interiors, we create classically charming, luxury interiors in a fresh and new way that focus on the “next chapter” of our client’s life. That “next chapter” may be a new marriage, a new baby, an emptying nest, a retirement, a divorce, a blending of families, or any number of life changes. Our interiors reflect those changes in a way that is authentic to the client. While lending respect to the client’s past, we are able to firmly and optimistically plant our clients in their present and future — where that client’s life is now.” 

Loved and respected by clients and peers, alike, Patti Allen has created a design firm that truly believes in the concept of “client specific and client authentic” interiors that are fresh, personal and current for her clients’ needs. Her designs give interiors their “soul” by truly reflecting the clients and at the same time keeping the interiors current, cohesive, and beautiful.

“My most gratifying moment is when a client tells me that their space reflects them in a way they couldn’t have achieved on their own.” 

Patti completed her BFA in Interior Design at the University of North Texas as a direct result of her lifelong love of Interior Design. She then qualified for and passed the rigorous NCIDQ Exam to complete her certification as a licensed and registered Interior Designer and a Professional Member of A.S.I.D. (American Society of Interior Designers.)

“Life, everyone’s life, is a volume of sequential chapters, each one related and connected to the others, but at the same time, new and fresh.”

That same passion and love for interior design along with her desire to provide the best possible design solutions for her clientsLiving-Room-2 motivate her to stay updated on the latest discoveries, practices, trends and styles in the interior design industry. She was instrumental in founding a Peer Group of Dallas Designers, has been published numerous times, and is currently Principal Designer and owner of Patti Allen Interiors. She lives in the DFW area which enables Patti Allen Interiors to serve Interior Design clients in Dallas as well as the surrounding Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.

“A few years ago, when my older daughter moved away to college, I came face to face with the reality of my “emptying nest.”  Although I have a busy life with work, friends and family, I realized that I had, for a long time, primarily defined myself as “mom” to my at-home children. It took a while to be comfortable with the fact that this chapter of my life is closing. Moving forward, defining what the next chapters in my life will be, has taken some thought, effort, and time. Now I look forward to those next chapters of my life with renewed energy and excitement, but I remember the pause, the hesitation, as one chapter ended and I faced the unknown of what was ahead. I believe that is what really enables me to assist my clients as they move into the next chapters of their lives.”

As she works with her clients, her goal is to listen to them, to really hear them, to understand them, understand their lives, where they have been, and of course, where they are now, what this chapter of their lives is about.